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Immigration Act 2016

On May 12, the Immigration Bill became the Immigration Act 2016.
This is intended to build on the Immigration Act 2014 increasing pressure on those unlawfully in the country. For the private rented sector it creates a series of criminal offences which sit on top of the already existing civil fines connected to failures to carry out Right to Rent checks. New powers to evict persons who do not have a Right to Rent have also been created. The new Act works by adding further sections into the existing Immigration Act 2014 which build on top of the current provisions. These are inserted as sections 33A to 33E in the 2014 Act. The new landlord offences The main new offence is one committed by landlords who knowingly let to illegal immigrants. The offence is committed where a landlord:
  • Has let to...

Landlord Legal requirements

Landlord legal requirements set on 1st October 2015. We saw the introduction of several updates and changes in the regulations set by the government, which affect landlords and the letting industry as a whole. We feel these are positive changes that will ensure that agents are all operating to the same standards, looking after the safety of tenants as paramount, while protecting the landlord's investment. These are legal requirements, and any landlords in breach of these regulations will be breaking the law facing a maximum fine of £5000, so it is crucial that landlords familiarise themselves with the changes. The Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide (England) Regulations 2015 are mainly common sense precautions and many landlords already have the relevant alarms installed. In essence the regulation means that any house which is let must have a...