Landlords – How to avoid the horrors of bad lettings

Landlords – How to avoid the horrors of bad lettings

Many landlords fear the worse after hearing horror stories of landlords discovering their rental properties completely trashed after a tenancy, costing ridiculous amounts of money to put right.  I am sure you have read stories in the press about how properties have been left in an uninhabitable state by tenants with holes in walls and carpets ruined.  It is the situation that every landlord dreads. It can then be a vicious circle as you need to rent the property out again to new tenants in order to pay the mortgage and pay for the damage caused by the previous tenant.  However, firstly you must repair all the damage and then have the constant worry of whether it is going to happen again.  It you are finding your own tenants and managing your own property, this unfortunately is an all too uncommon story.  By trying to save money in the start you actually end up spending much much more in the long run and have the constant worry to contend with.

That said, in the main, most tenants are looking for a place to live long term and create a stable life for themselves and their family.  They want to live in a property they can call home and be proud of.  We want you to find those kind of tenants, tenants that will pay their rent on time and look after your property as if it were their own.  There are three main advantages of hiring Premier Lettings over sourcing tenants and managing the property yourself:

  • Agreements and advertising – firstly, getting the right tenant for your property is crucial, we will advertise your property and vet your tenants to ensure they fit your criteria.  It is then essential that you have a tenancy agreement that is fair and legal to both parties and we can arrange this for you.
  • A tailored service – every property is different, as is every landlord and so it would be wrong to offer the same service to everyone.  We find out what your needs are, from assessing the suitability of tenants, collecting rent, managing the property, dealing with repairs and organising insurance, we can do all this and more to make renting out your property as stress free as possible.
  • Prompt, efficient service – due to high mortgage fees, we understand that you want your property rented out swiftly to ensure your property is not costing you money.  Once we have the tenants in we will ensure that if repairs need organising  we will arrange that as quickly as possible.  We will also move fast if your tenant gives notice, to market your property, arrange viewings and sort out all the check out services.

It is understandable that you may have worries about renting out your property but it really doesn’t have to be a burden to you if you hire a letting agent. You will be able to sleep soundly knowing we are looking after your investment for you.

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