Why use a letting agent

Why Use a Letting Agent?┬áIn this age of information overload it’s easy to think that if you can do something yourself, you should do it yourself. However, when it comes to renting this rule doesn’t apply. When we compare our services to the potential pitfalls of finding properties or tenants on your own, it makes sense to let us do the hard work for you. Take a look at our top reason’s for not going it alone:

Benefits for Landlords

  • It’s unlikely you have an endless marketing budget. Avoid costly pay-outs that you can’t guarantee are directed at the right market and let the experts handle it for you.
  • As a competitive business they are driven to work hard for you to find great, long-lasting arrangements.
  • With a crack team on the case, once you’ve got the right tenant you get a long term agreement. This makes the minimal fees paid initially great value for money.
  • The tensions that sometimes arise between tenant and landlord are soothed by the intermediary position of the agency. Sometimes just that one degree of separation is enough for the problem to be resolved before it ever reaches a head.
  • All the paperwork of checking previous rental history and going through references is done for you with practised, professional ease.
  • You might not have the technical know-how to boost your online advertising. With Premier Lettings your property pops up in all the right places and maximises the number of views.
  • They have the experience you might lack in areas like property maintenance and contracts. Using their preferred contractors for any work saves you time and guesswork.

Benefits for Tenants

  • When you pay any initial fees you can be sure they are going on genuine costs. In return for your investment you receive great service and a business that works with you and for you.
  • No doubt you’re a real catch of a tenant, and for this kind of person an agent will want to help you out again and again. They’ll advocate your great renting potential for you as they know you won’t be a difficult client and it reflects well on all parties.
  • Rather than dealing with the building owner directly, you can pass any issues to your letting agent. Without the emotional influence that comes with ownership, awkward discussions can be avoided and you get a quick, professional response.
  • You can be reassured that you have all the correct references and paperwork needed to complete your contract. Moreover, your deposit is secure and protected through the proper channels.
  • Realistically, you don’t have time to spend endlessly trawling websites and social media to find the right place. An agent does this all day long for a living and can access the right information much quicker.
  • Having someone on the end of the phone to take you gently through the process is priceless. Any confusions and queries are simply explained, leaving you free to enjoy moving home.